March Madness Shorts Bracket

March Madness Shorts Bracket


It's that time of year again! 

We're back with another addition of our very own version of a March Madness style bracket. This year we thought we would spice things up a little bit and make it worth something.

After voting is complete and a champion has been crowned, the champion will be made available for purchase. Stay tuned to Lost Files on Instagram and Twitter for exact details!

Bracket Details:

The shorts and rankings were picked by the good people at LF based on personal preference. No shorts from this season were included, no basic shorts were included and no shorts that have already came out twice were included. 

Voting will begin Saturday, March 18th at Noon ET. 

Winners will be picked via polls on Lost Files Twitter and Instagram. Votes will be added together from both social media accounts and a winner will be decided.  


How to win:

Enter to win a free pair of the winning shorts simply by picking the correct bracket! Download or screenshot the bracket from one of our social media accounts and fill it out with who you think will win each round. If you guess the complete bracket you will win a free pair of the winning shorts! Successfully submit your bracket by posting a picture of the complete bracket on either Twitter or your Instagram story and tagging us. 


One (1) entry per person

All entries must be submitted before the polls start on Saturday